LH Agenda

LH Agenda offers personal growth and productivity tools to support and inspire women to reach their full potential and make their mark on the world.
LH Agenda self-coaching journals, planners, meeting notebooks, and office essentials encourage leadership, goal-kicking, passion, and motivation with elegant, customisable designs. All our products incorporate positive psychology, science-based research, and include leadership tips and empowering quotes to cultivate daily success habits.

How it started

LH Agenda began as a blog in 2011 when I moved from Poland to Australia and worked in the mining industry. I encountered a female colleague who felt overlooked for a vacant role because she hadn’t expressed her interest. This experience made me aware of unconscious bias and stereotypes in the workplace. Motivated to empower women, LH Agenda helps them find and pursue their passions, be more creative and innovative, build confidence and determination, and maintain kindness while achieving success.

In addition, LH Agenda aims to provide a supportive community and a source of inspiration for like-minded women, encouraging them to take action and create their own destinies.