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Get Your Life Back

Get Your Life Back - Business and Life Automation

How to streamline and automate your business processes and life so that you can gain back the time you want for the things you really love.

– Kasia Gospoś, Author of “Get Your Life Back”

Inspiration Behind this Ebook

As a Publisher of Leaders in Heels and full time Commercial Analyst I have been frequently asked how I manage to balance both roles and get things done. Most people do not realize that Leaders in Heels has been for many years just an “after hours” passion project.
The Get Your Life Back eBook was written as a way of guiding other busy leaders in heels (or whatever footwear you prefer!) towards a life free – or radically reduced – of the many administrative and business processes that block us from achieving our full potential.
The Get Your Life Back eBook is everything to date that I have learned from my journey of no balance to more balance – in life, business and everything else.