“I want to create beautiful things that change people’s lives.”

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Hi, my name is Kasia Gospoś! Welcome to my online creative space, where I indulge my passions for supporting and empowering women, and for creating beautiful things.

I am the founder, CEO and Creative Director of LH Agenda, a personal growth and productivity brand that provides resources, tools and inspiration to help women achieve their goals and reach their full potential. Through my work I want to inspire the leaders of tomorrow and help them to create fabulous businesses, careers and personal lives.

My Background

I come from a background as a commercial analyst, chartered management accountant (CIMA/ACMA), and project management professional with experience across Australia and Europe.

Despite growing up in communist Poland, I am fortunate to have a mother who taught me that there’s no bigger achievement for a woman than claiming her independence. She was my inspiration in starting LH Agenda to provide a platform where women can be educated, inspired and empowered.

After observing women struggle with confidence in the workplace I wanted to be part of the solution to empower them, create change in the workplace, and provide resources for developing leadership traits – for all future leaders.

My professional background, combined with my creative streak, love for technology, and desire to see women confident in their businesses and careers helped me bring LH Agenda to life.

My Work

I am an author and the creative designer behind LH Agenda's range of journals and planners, including the best-selling, award-winning “Make Your Mark” journal set, LH planner, Aspire Career Designer, Mind By Design collection, and other practical products to guide leaders towards their personal and professional goals.

I also assist entrepreneurs and businesses in unleashing their creativity through consulting services, design, and manufacturing, offering personalised notebooks and stationery through Custom Notebooks Australia.

My Approach

As an analyst, I believe in the power of collecting and analysing data. I want everything I create to not only be beautiful, but also practical, meaningful and well-researched.

My projects—LH Agenda and its Manifesto, our self-coaching journals, LH planners, streamlined Day Organisers and smart Meeting Notebooks—all combine design thinking, form and functionality.


Media, speaking and workshops

Aside from my work with LH Agenda, I am also a mentor and speaker, and I am passionate about helping women overcome challenges, build confidence, and create fulfilling lives and careers.

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After Hours

In my free time, I love listening to jazz and R&B, swimming, playing tennis and golf, traveling, exploring the latest design trends and attending cultural events. I live in Newcastle, Australia, with my wonderful husband Nino, a true feminist who positively influences my opinions from time to time. We are kept busy by our two boys and the family corgi, Happy, who are all a constant source of joy and positive energy!


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