I2N’s Startup Stories: CEO shares how empowering women leaders has led to an inspiring startup

This event was recorded at The University of Newcastle’s Integrated Innovation Network (I2N) as part of I2N’s Startup Stories.

Kasia Gospos has been named one of Australia’s Most Inspirational Women Online and been recognised as Entrepreneur of the Year as part of the Stevie Awards.

Kasia is the Founder and Creative Director of LH Agenda, a community of over 200,000 people worldwide who share conversations and inspirational stories through collaborations and insightful articles which support and empower women leaders. As part of their mission, LH Agenda offers stylish and purposeful stationery to help cultivate the habits of a successful leader.

At I2N’s Startup Stories at I2N Hub Honeysuckle on Wednesday 4 May, Kasia shared her story of empowering women in business and what a business needs to survive in the long-term.

LH Agenda are a global business which creates products that offer experience from inspirational leaders to help business leaders define their own ways of success. Their stationery is uniquely crafted and purposefully structured with exercises and activities created in collaboration with leadership and self-development experts. It inspires, educates and helps build new habits incrementally, from one day to the next.

WATCH VIDEO: Catch up on Startup stories with Kasia Gospos

Top Takeaways:

  • First you need to find a WHY, and then you will find a WAY. Your why will keep you and your business afloat when the way gets hard.
  • For a Startup to survive it must be lean financially; don’t spend money on the things you don’t need. Strong financial management is the most important part of the business.
  • Don’t put all eggs in one basket! Diversify your business. Do a risk audit to ensure that when hard times comes (and they will!), your business can adapt and survive.