Leaders in Heels Manifesto


The Leaders in Heels Manifesto is a road map to become a leader in every aspect of your life. It identifies six key leadership traits of female leaders and lays them out in a simple, elegant format.

I’ve drawn from personal observations and experiences around success, leadership and life, as well as feedback from the Leaders in Heels community about their vision of a true leader.


As the founder of Leaders in Heels I often get opportunities to meet and interview successful, inspirational female leaders. I was fascinated by how these women managed to achieve such great things, and I decided to investigate why.

I noticed many of them had common traits which enabled them to make their mark in both the corporate and entrepreneurial spheres. The Leaders in Heels Manifesto is now my value system and guide. It sits on my desks both at home and at work, and I refer to it when making decisions.


I posed the following question to the Leaders in Heels community: “What traits do you believe are necessary to be a successful female leader?”

This garnered well over 200 responses, which I then cleaned and grouped into clusters. Six traits stood out above the others, and they now form the core of the Leaders in Heels Manifesto.

To download the Manifesto, subscribe to Leaders in Heels and you will receive the Manifesto in high resolution (both portrait and landscape) in your Welcome email. Print it and hang over your desk for the daily dose of inspiration. 

See you at Leaders in Heels,


Kasia Gospos